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干货分享 学ACCAF1容易混淆的概念

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《ACCA F1 十大容易混淆概念总结》,Public sector & Private sector;Geographic departmentation;Divisionalisation;Internal control;Internal check;Connected & external stakeholders;Stagflation;Leadership & management;Effectiveness & Efficiency

  干货分享《 ACCA F 1 十大容易混淆概念总结分析》

  《ACCA F1 十大容易混淆概念总结》

干货分享 学ACCAF1容易混淆的概念

  1.Public sector & Private sector

  Public sector is the organization owned or run by the government or government agencies.

  All the other organizations are classified as the private sector.

  2.Public company & Private company

  Private company is usually owned by a small number of people and these shares are not easily transferable.

  Shares of public company will usually be traded on a Stock Exchange.


  3.Geographic departmentation

  Where the organization is structured according to geographic area, some authority is retained at Head Office but day-to-day operations are handled on a territorial basis.

  So it is centralized.

  4. Divisionalisation

  It is the division of a business into autonomous regions of product business, each with its own revenues, expenditure and capital asset purchase programs, and therefore each with its own profit and loss responsibility.

  So it is decentralized.

  5.Internal control

  An internal control is any action taken by management to enhance the likelihood that established objectivity and goals will be achieved. Management plans, organizes and directs the performance of sufficient actions to provide reasonable assurance that objectives and goals will be achieved.

  6.Internal check

  An internal check is defined as the checks on the day-to-day transactions whereby the work of one person is proved independently or is complementary to the work of another, the object being the prevention or early detection of errors and fraud.


  7.Connected & external stakeholders

  Connected and internal stakeholders are primary and the external stakeholders are secondary. There are agreements or contracts between the primary stakeholders and the organizations. The secondary stakeholders have indirect influence on the companies.


  It occurs where there is a combination of high unemployment and high inflation caused by a price shock and inflexibility in supply.

  So CPI and unemployment rate is increasing. But the GDP is not growing.

  9.Leadership & management

  Leadership is the process of influencing others to work willingly towards goals, to the best of their capabilities, perhaps in a manner different to that which they would otherwise have chosen.

  Management is the process of getting actives completed efficiently and effectively, with and through other people.

  10.Effectiveness & Efficiency

  Effectiveness means whether the results are complied with the goals or purposes. So it is about “what to do”.

  Efficiency means the low wastage or loss to produce the maximum output. It is about “how to do”.







  1. 上海金程
  2. 上海虹口
  3. 上海徐汇
  4. 上海松江
  5. 青岛地区
  6. 北京地区
  7. 深圳地区
  8. 西安地区
  9. 河南地区




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