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ACCA经验分享:ACCA F3考满分是一种什么样的体验

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  Please tell us about yourself:

  First of all, I must say I’am no genius, I’m an ordinary student like everyone else. Also it’s not very difficult, nor am I saying that its easy. Getting 100% was a major achievement for me. To me, this achievement can be summed into 3 words: motivation, discipline and practiceI am from Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean but which has made a real name for itself in the world through its numerous achievements. I am not actually working; I am a full time student. Hopefully, in the near future when I finish level 2 ACCA, I get a job.

  How much time each week did you spend studying, on average ?

  On average, I would study something like 7 to 9 hours per paper each week, sometimes if I could, I would go for even more.

  Which study resources did you use?

  Study resources I used were the lectures from open tuition and BPP study text and revision kit. I also took tuition for 3 of the papers out of 4 papers which I sat this December. But if I knew of Open tuition before paying for my tuition fees, I would have saved some money. I found the lectures from open tuition very good.

  Also it is very important to read the technical articles which many students I believe do not take the time to go through them and just rely on study texts. Do read them once you finish a chapter

  What was your approach to your studying?

  Since I sat for 4 papers in December, planning was key. First of all, sit down with a piece of paper and write down how much time you can devote to your studies each day and try to see which activities are taking your time and if possible try to reduce same if removing it is exaggerated. I made a plan which I stick to each week.

  Allow for free time with families and friends, we don’t want you to have a burnout..hahaLet me tell you, at first it’s going to be very hard and you may feel like giving up but once you get through it for one week, I’m pretty sure it will be okay for the rest of the semester. If you want to get high marks, you got to make the sacrifice. Allow me to quote: “No sacrifice, no victory”


  Once you have made a plan, make sure you understand the concepts well and not just study something for the sake of passing the exam. I have seen so many students do that mistake so much. When you are study chapters understand the concepts and the logic behind. Because if you learn just for the sake of passing, then in level 2 papers, you will get difficulty as level 2 papers built upon the knowledge of level 1 papers.

  My advice for you is: aim for at least 70% so that you have a good foundation to built upon in level 2. Think about it, if your foundation itself is not so good, you will encounter difficulties in level 2 papers. Believe me it is not that difficult to get that at least 70%.

  What would you say was the most important factor that helped you to achieve such a high mark?

  The main important factor was practice before the exam. Make a revision planAllow me to quote “ if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail”… What I did was one month(4 weeks) before my exam, I made a revision plan. Out of these 4 weeks, I earmarked 3 weeks as revision… these 3 weeks are as follows:

  Say we have 21 chapters, so in each week I make a must to revise 7(21/3) chapters and workout MCQ in a particular revision kit ( I used the BPP revision kit, its really useful)… And in that same week, on Saturdays and Sundays, I would revise the 7 chapters covered where I reviewed especially the difficult questions and work it out again..For the 3 weeks it was like this.

  Finally in the 4th week (remaining week) before my exam, I would review briefly all my notes and MCQs which I had difficulty with (all that in 2 or 3 days) and then in the remaining days in that 4th week I would do Mock exams which are in the revision kit and the CBE specimen (on ACCA website) under exam condition i.e no breaks…I hope these words will help you guys

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